Rise in Rent Fraud in London

Published: 26/01/2016

Rise in Rent Fraud in London

Rental fraud is rising sharply in London. Scam artists offer cheap flats for rental, demanding instant deposits. But they do not actually own the homes - and unsuspecting tenants’ cash is lost.

Reports of rental fraud in England and Wales leapt from 2,216 in 2014 to 3,193 in 2015.

One fraudsters attempted to place and advert on a flat-sharing website and offered a Kensington apartment for just £700 per month, far below the market rate.

Another fraudster offered a red-brick period flat in Willesden on the same website for well below the market rate, urging potential tenants to wire £1,500 to their bank account as their first month’s guaranteed rent.

Nikola Poncet, a victim of the crime, is a student who lives in a small bedsit in Luton. He was ripped off by a fraudster with a bogus advert offering a flat in Queen's Park, West London, and lost £600. Mr Poncet said: "I was willing to take the flat without a viewing based on the location, just on the price of it.”

The figures quoted above from Action Fraud collates with the national fraud statistics for City of London Police. One spokeswoman said it was working to stop those fraudulently advertising properties.

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